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The Importance of Graduation Gifts
Crystal Alma Mater Gifts / Alumni Case Study

by Paula Gomberg

Graduation from school, college or university is one of the most memorable milestones in our personal and professional lives. Graduating is a result of hard work, perseverance, vision, determination, desire to attain higher knowledge, ingenuity, and self discipline. Such milestones should be celebrated and commemorated to full potential.

grand crystal apple award Many times graduates receive crystal graduation gifts from their family, friends, peers and colleagues. These gifts portray a powerful and inspirational message that recognizes their academic advancements and includes wishes for further successful endeavors. Some of our most popular graduation gifts are crystal plaques and crystal obelisks. Crystal plaques such as our crystal book award, vision award, agency plaque, Oxford plaque, Cambridge plaque, prestige plaque, or a set of crystal faceted bookends; feature classic timeless design and ample etch space to include a message to the graduate. Some choose to go with an obelisk shaped awards which are tall and vertical in appearance: centurion tower, triumph obelisk award, bravo plaque, supreme obelisk award, merit award, paramount tower, apple award, grand apple award. If one prefers the look and feel of an obelisk award shape, the personalization message should be more concise in order to fit it within the etch space.

crystal book award Many academic organizations that provide higher education such as universities, law schools, medical schools, resident programs choose to present their graduates with crystal gifts. These gifts are tokens of appreciation and accomplishment and carry a sentiment of future connection between the graduate and the school. Such gifts feature school logo, graduates’ name and class, graduation date and might feature a wish for future successful endeavors. These graduation gifts are very effective in keeping the special bond between the student and its alma mater. These students are more likely to promote the school to future candidates, donate to school and volunteer to school activities. Therefore these gifts can also be viewed as subtle school advertisement. Thus, it is important to select a meaningful crystal gift for such recognition programs.

We recommend an award or a gift that would be prominently displayed on a desk or in an office of the graduate this providing a visible placement of school’s logo. Crystal book award has been very popular for recognition of individuals who graduate top of their class. In addition, our crystal clocks and desktop collection of gifts serve as great graduation presents. Crystal pen sets become heirlooms and are treasured by the recipients. Among our crystal clocks the following pieces are popular as timeless reminders of spectacular academic achievements: pioneer clock, faceted round clock, merit desktop clock, tempus circle clock, tempus square clock. If a budget is a concern, please consider our wide selection of crystal paperweights.

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