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Spending Dollars Making Sense!
How personalized engraved crystal promotional products help promote customer loyalty and boost brand awareness.

by Paula Gomberg

At Crystal Art USA, we offer a wide verity of engraved crystal promotional products that help build customer good will and boost brand awareness. Recent increases in sales of crystal desktop gifts: paperweights, name plates, business card holders, pen holders, clocks and other accessories demonstrates a growing trend of goodwill promotional products.

Engraved crystal paperweights and clocks are the best selling promotional items. By presenting a personalized crystal paperweight to its customer, the company is essentially killing two birds with one paperweight. The first goal is to promote business retention and customer loyalty. However, by displaying the paperweight with your company's logo, the customer engages in marketing your name brand to potential leads.

The content of the personalization message and text is very important. Don't just slap your logo on a paperweight and hand it to your customers and clients. Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to promotional items. You need to invoke emotions by making the client feel important and special to your business. In doing so you may want to incorporate their names in engraved message, dates of their special achievements. It is also advisable to use positive words and phrases such as most, special or best. Create something that customers want to brag about, something they will display proudly on their desks.

It also helps to give something practical: business card holder, clock, paperweight, name plate, diploma frame. Quality and thoughtfulness of a gift really counts. Inexpensive promotional items are not valued by customers and often end up in garbage bins. Give credit when credit is due. If you send your good and loyal customer an umbrella or a mouse pad with your logo on it, he may even consider the gift tacky, thinking "e;I spend thousands with this guy and this is all I get?"e; This hypothetical customer has probably collected many mouse pads, mugs and pens from different vendors and he probably does not care for another one. Companies often pour thousands of dollars in attractively cheap promotional items and send them to every client. However, they don't achieve brand awareness or customer loyalty by applying this "e;quantity counts"e; methodology. I only hope those mouse pads are environmentally recyclable.

A far better strategy is identifying key customers that your business can not afford to loose and awarding them properly. How about a personalized crystal clock, or a name plate or a crystal paperweight? Not only will your customers proudly display the above on their desks they will also appreciate the thoughtfulness and practicality of your gift. The customer will also hold on to the gifts and take them with to other companies their careers may steer them to. You can be rest assured that thoughtful and classy gifts do not end up in the mouse pad inferno.

Below is an interesting study on promotional products posted by Promotional Products Association International. It exhibits the importance of practical promotional items in promoting customer goodwill.

Build Customer Goodwill With Promotional Products
Promotional products foster customer goodwill (positive attitudes and feelings) toward a company and its salespeople. A study, completed by Baylor University in 1992, involved a textbook publisher sending 4,000 educators either: (1) pocket calculator plus a letter, (2) a lower-priced highlighter pen plus a letter, or (3) a letter only.
  • Customers who received a promotional product expressed more good will toward the company and its salespeople than those who did not receive a promotional product.
  • The attitudes of those who received the calculator were consistently more positive than for those who received the less expensive highlighter pen.
  • Customers who received the pocket calculator or the highlighter pen rated the proficiency and ability of the sales representatives as 34% and 16% (respectively) higher than those who received only the thank you letter.
  • On questions relating to the customers' personal feelings toward the company and its sales representatives, customers who received the calculator scored 52% higher than the letter only group (see table above).

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