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Star Awards and Trophies

We offer a plethora of exclusive crystal awards and trophies that feature star design. Celebrate top achievers and performers with our original collection of star awards.

super star tower trophy
Super Star Tower Trophy
Price: From $195.00 to $255.00
Blue star crystal award
Inspiration Star
Price: $154.00
aurora star award
Aurora Star Award
Price: $175.00
emerging star award
Emerging Star Award
Price: From $129.00 to $159.00
Aspiration star crystal award
Aspiration Star Award
Price: $167.00
crystal star trophy obelisk
Stellar Tower
Price: From $205.00 to $245.00
crystal stellar team award
Stellar Team Award
Price: From $149.00 to $159.00
galaxy star crystal award
Galaxy Star Award
Price: $177.00
Blue star crystal Plaque
Blue Star Plaque
Price: $162.00
power star crystal award
Rising Star Award
Price: $255.00
crystal and chrome star award
Star Motivator Award
Price: $295.00
crystal star team award
Star Team Award
Price: From $149.00 to $159.00
power star crystal award
Supreme Star Tower
Price: From $165.00 to $185.00
soaring star award
Soaring Super Star
Price: From $275.00 to $320.00
guiding star award
Guiding Star Award
Price: From $152.00 to $172.00
power star crystal award
Paramount Star Award
Price: $159.00
crystal mountain peak tower award
Star Mountain Award
Price: $195.00
cresent crystal award
Star of Excellence
Price: From $175.00 to $200.00
crystal patriotic star award
Patriotic Star Award
Price: $155.00
power star crystal award
Meteor Award
Price: $165.00
crystal and chrome goddess of star
Goddess of Star
Price: $195.00
crystal patriotic star award
American Star Award
Price: $165.00
crystal american flag award
American Flag Plaque
Price: $125.00
top star award plaque
Top Star Tower Award
Price: From $145.00 to $185.00
Crystal star awards and trophies serve an important recognition function by celebrating the top achievers within organizations. Our rising star award is dedicated to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary talent and drive to succeed. Inspiration star award features a combination of blue and clear crystal and celebrates achievers that inspire others by example. Paramount Star award is our newest design and it is offered in three color combinations blue, green and clear crystal. Our best selling star award series are super star tower trophy, supreme star tower, and meteor award. Using a combination of black and clear optic crystal in the following awards: galaxy star award, aurora star, star triumph award, and brilliance star award; creates a striking effect of contrast. If you are looking for a really tall award that will impress with its style and its height then consider our soaring super star award and stellar tower trophy. All of our crystal awards and trophies are personalized with your choice of text and logo combination.
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