Service awards

Service awards are popular type of corporate awards. Service awards serve multiple functions: recognition, retirement and motivation. As the name suggests service awards are given to encourage and recognize career related achievements. Recognition service awards are presented for exceptional performances and special achievements during employee’s tenure. For example, when a sales representative beats the previous sales record, he or she receives a service award to commemorate this special achievement. Recognition service awards are ideal gifts to honor a research department discovery, scientific break-through, and influential publications. Recognition service awards are designed to evoke feelings of self-esteem and pride, thus encouraging further achievements.
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Recognition awards feature various design themes and related messages. For example, consider the following themes: reaching for the stars, extraordinary achievements, expanding new horizons, world of thanks, global impact. The best approach is to select a theme that is most appropriate for the occasion. Subsequently create wording that best reflects the message you wish to convey. It is important to include the following elements in awards personalization: name of the award, special recognition message, name of the recipient and the date.

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Because recognition service awards are often given on a reoccurring basis, it is important to create a meaningful name for the award. For instance the award name can be a generic name like Employee of the month, Producer of the Year, Most Valuable Employee, and Excellence Award. The name can also be more specific based on the organization type and the industry: Educator of the Year, GE Sales Challenge Award. Recognition service awardsthat are sponsored by companies and professional organizations require a formal verbiage.

Names should be spelled out and not abbreviated; dates should be spelled as well. However, the language style of awards sponsored by peers tends to be more relaxed.

There are various prevalent designs themes that are featured on service awards . A stars theme symbolizes reaching for the stars and expanding new horizons. Mountains and Peaks epitomize new heights reached in line of duty. Globe themes celebrate global achievements that effect humanity, regardless to their locale. Eagle themes symbolize freedom from conventional methodology and independence. The design can also feature profession specific elements: medical star of life, gavel or scales of justice, books and apples, or eagles.

Motivational service award have an additional purpose of encouraging exceptional efforts from peers inspired by individual achievements. Motivational awards recognize mentors and their impact on organizational success. Traditionally, recipients of mentor award are nominated by their peers. Personalized desktop items such as clocks, paperweights, and business card holders make ideal department level gifts. Organization-level mentor awards have a propensity to be more formal such as wall and desk plaques or corporate trophies.

Retirement service awards celebrate career long achievements, loyalty and dedication to organization. Retirement awards can be sponsored by the company and also by the colleagues. Retirement gifts differ from other service awards. They can be informal or functional and customarily cost more. While an exceptional performer may receive a few recognition awards throughout of his or her career, they will only retire once and therefore deserve a nicer gift. Secondly, traditional recognition service awards are not functional. Retirement gifts tend to be practical objects such as vases, bowls, and clocks. Retirement awards sponsored by colleagues do not mandate a formal message and can be written with humor.

In conclusion, service awards are an important way to promote and recognize organizational success and achievements. Select a meaningful award with appropriate wording that best convey a message of gratitude and inspiration.

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