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Sandblasting Crystal Awards and Trophies

deep etching explained

Crystal as the material

Abrasive engraving process such as deep etching or sand blasting can be applied on a plethora of surfaces such as stone, wood, ceramics. However none compare to the beautiful results achieved by deep etching crystal awards and trophies.

When an etching design is finalized, a special stencil is created from a photographic film exposed to an ultraviolet light. The film stencil is secured with a special adhesive to an award surface. Sand-blasting is a procedure where a special abrasive sand is applied to a stenciled surface at a very high pressure. When the stencil is removed, the areas effected by the sand abrasive appear frosted and grooved while the rest of the crystal award removes smooth. The contrast of frosted and clear surfaces captures with its brilliancy and inspires outpost creativity of our crystal artists. Crystal is valued for its' brilliance, weight, clarity, precision and timeless look.

Traditionally fine crystal was created by adding lead to glass and thus making glass heaver but softer to cut. Leaded glass was then cut and the faceted refracted light spectrum, mesmerizing with its brilliance and sparkle. Crystal is more expensive material than glass, but many prefer it for it unsurpassed quality and clarity.

In the past two decades we see a complete shift in the award industry towards the use of optic crystal awards and trophies. Some believe that exposure to lead may pose health risks. Optic crystal is lead free crystal and possesses the same quality of clarity and hardness. Optic crystal is a perfect optic prism that reflects light spectrum.

Many qualities of optic crystal inspire creativity amongst award and trophy designers. Crystal is versatile material and although it is praised for the lack of green and blue color or tint that is prevalent in glass, we see more and more colored crystal utilization in award industry. Colored crystal is created by including special color additives in production of optic crystal sheets or molds. Artists love to experiment with combining clear and colored crystal in the same award. Darker colors in crystal provided a more striking contrast of etched and smooth areas.

Etched Crystal Corporate Awards

The possibilities of creative designs and shapes inspired by crystal are limitless. Crystal can be molten into sheets, plates, shapes, molds, mouth- blown. By beveling edges of crystal awards and trophies artists showcase optic prism qualities that optimize light reflection. Frosting edges juxtaposes textures and add visual interest to a crystal piece. Crystal can be cut into many shapes: straight towers, tapered, faceted, multi- faceted, flames, peaks, circles, obelisks, icebergs. Crystal awards and trophies are then composed by using the cut or molded crystal shape components.

However, the application of crystal is not only limited to awards. There is a plethora of other corporate gifts that can be created from crystal. For example gifts such as: crystal clocks, crystal desk accessories, nameplates, paperweights, business card holders, vases, pen holders, drinkware and more.

Etched Crystal Sports Trophies

Not only crystal is the choice medium for corporate awards, but it has been gaining popularity as the perfect material for sports trophies. Top sports clubs and organizations choose crystal trophies over metal or plastic designs. Subsequently our crystal sports trophies have been gaining popularity in the sports community. Many of our crystal sports trophies are designed with ample etching space in mind as to allow both text and logos to be engraved. Logos and seals look especially attractive when deep etched onto crystal.

In addition, golf community has embraced crystal as the choice material long time ago. We offer the most extensive collection of crystal golf trophies. Most prestigious golf clubs and tournaments have entrusted us with their trophy projects.

In conclusion, crystal makes the ideal material suited for deep etching on sand-blasting. Whatever the nature of your corporate award project, you can be rest assured that the etched awards and trophies made of crystal will be received with great enthusiasm, treasured and cherished for many years to come.

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