paula gomberg

About Paula Gimberg

meet our expert award and trophy designer

Paula has established herself as a well renowned industry expert in crystal awards and trophies by continuing a long family tradition of crystal artists. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of crystal artistry was passed from generation to generation in her family for over a hundred years.

Paula is especially known for her innovative designs, creative award concepts and meticulous attention to detail through every award project she embarks on. "I am very passionate about every crystal award or trophy that I design. I always imagine that I am the recipient of the award and I ask myself the following question: Would I want this displayed in my office? And if the answer is yes, I know that the recipient would be pleased."

"Creativity is the key in my approach. I always want to think outside the box and present people with awards that will wow them." says Paula about her creative process. "I love working with crystal as the medium for my award designs. I am mesmerized with it's sharpness, precision, clarity, reflectivity. I love crystal for its classic timeless look. The material does not tolerate any mistakes. Crystal is as close as you can come to perfection. Thus recognizing people with crystal awards also conveys the message of them striving and achieving perfection."

Paula is also known for her exceptionally good rapport with customers and colleagues alike. Not a week goes by when she does not receive praise and kind words. "When customers first approach me about their crystal award or trophy project no matter how big or small, I always play on their team by making sure that the project will be executed in minimum time and with minimum cost. Efficiency is the key. But quality is the king."