Our crystal trophies and obelisks feature vertical shapes and impressive design styles.
These stunning versatile crystal trophies can be personalized with logos and text.

Result Tower
Price: $163.01
verge tower black crystal award
Verge Tower Black
Price: $201.65
verge tower clear crystal award
Verge Tower
Price: $198.03
advancement award in clear, blue, yellow, green =, and black crystal
Price: $334.48
Laureate Tower black crystal award
Laureate Tower
Price: From $213.73 to $237.88
incline tower in blue and clear crystal
Incline Tower
Price: From $211.31 to $235.46
Perception Award in clear crystal
Perception Award
Price: $198.03
brilliant idea crystal award
Brilliant Idea Award
Price: $214.94
crystal centurion tower award
Centurion Tower
Price: $199.24
crystal Olympia tower award
Olympia Obelisk
Price: $222.18
crystal and pewter eagle
Progress Award
Price: $399.68
crystal spear obelisk award
Spear Obelisk
Price: $234.26
Jubilee crystal award
Jubilee Award
Price: $235.46
aptitude crystal Plaque
Aptitude Plaque Tower
Price: $336.89
tower crystal plaque
Crystal Tower Plaque
Price: From $156.98 to $181.13
Bravo crystal plaque
Bravo Plaque
Price: $199.24
supreme obelisk award
Triumph Obelisk Award
Price: $211.31
Brilliance Pinnacle
Brilliance Pinnacle
Price: From $181.13 to $229.43
perspective crystal award
Perspective Award
Price: $336.89
radiance diamond award
Radiance Diamond
Price: $228.22
diamond light tower award
Diamond Light Tower
Price: From $191.99 to $240.29
celtic tower crystal award
Celtic Tower
Price: $288.59
Aristotle crystal award
Aristotle Column
Price: $602.54
parliament crystal tower award
Parliament Tower
Price: $361.04
red vertex crystal award
Red Vertex Tower
Price: From $199.24 to $289.80
empire octagon award
Empire Octagon Award
Price: From $199.24 to $241.50
Hudson crystal tower award
Hudson Tower
Price: From $187.16 to $289.80
blue York crystal award
York Tower
Price: From $163.01 to $199.24
diamond tower award trophy
Diamond Tower Trophy
Price: From $107.47 to $223.39
embassy tower award
Embassy Tower Award
Price: From $95.39 to $228.22
crystal skylight award
Skylight Award
Price: From $171.47 to $201.65
supreme obelisk award
Supreme Obelisk Award
Price: From $172.67 to $206.48
empire tower crystal award
Empire Tower Award
Price: From $95.39 to $175.09
magnum crystal award
Magnum Award Tower
Price: From $307.91 to $380.36
blue vertex crystal award
Blue Vertex Tower
Price: From $199.24 to $289.80
sentinel obelisk award
Sentinel Obelisk
Price: $235.46
enigma crystal award
Enigma Award
Price: $237.88
power crystal award
Power Obelisk
Price: $213.73
attention crystal award
Attention Tower
Price: $312.74
sterling crystal award
Sterling Award
Price: From $95.39 to $216.14
spire obelisk flame crystal award
Spire Obelisk Flame
Price: From $199.24 to $235.46
power star crystal award
Merit Award
Price: From $163.01 to $187.16
Shield Tower Award
Shield Tower
Price: From $187.16 to $223.39
supreme obelisk award
Eminence Obelisk Award
Price: From $193.20 to $227.01
supreme obelisk award
Excel Tower
Price: From $214.94 to $239.09
Hope Diamond Award
Hope Diamond Award
Price: $211.31
Blue Sky Diamond Award
Blue Sky Diamond
Price: $233.05
oval cylinder tower
Cylinder Tower
Price: From $175.09 to $199.24
crystal president award tower
President Award Tower
Price: From $235.46 to $350.18
empire obelisk tower crystal award
Empire Obelisk Award
Price: From $181.13 to $199.24
crystal heart tower trophy
Heart Tower
Price: From $119.54 to $179.92
spire obelisk flame crystal award
Stellar Tower Award
Price: $193.20
concord crystal award
Concord Award
Price: $189.58

What sets our collection of crystal trophies and obelisks apart is verticality of the design styles. These crystal trophies reach to the sky and even higher. Our crystal obelisks are designed to stand out and impress. All crystal trophies feature unsurpassed sparkle of crystal facets and pristine clarity of optic crystal material. The crystal obelisk collection serve a plethora of recognition purposes: motivation awards, years of service award, corporate recognition, employee achievement, and appreciation.