Walter Nadvodski

Walter's formal education is in music theory.

Early in his teens he apprenticed to master engravers and carvers who taught him glass skills passed from generation to generation of artisans.


After decades of experience and mastery in crystal arts, Walter has become one of a few artisans in the world skilled with copper wheel engraving and hand carving.


Walter is meticulously dedicated to quality of engraving and crystal materials.  His creativity and patience aspire our employees to reach higher standards in everything we do.



Walter loves fishing.  In his college days he was a drummer in a band.  Walter loves spending time with his grandsons.


Zina Nadvodski

Zina's background as a school physiologist helps her relate and empathize with employees and customers alike.


Her financial skills of balancing budget sheets and balancing life in general make her the most integral part of our company.


She is the muse who inspires creativity and discipline in others.



When Zina is not in the office you can find her at the ocean swimming or fishing.

She loves going to the movies with her sister.


Paulina Gimberg

Paulina graduated with masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and computer science.


After working in technology field for financial establishments she decided to join her family's business and take on responsibilities of technology development and customer relations.



Paulina loves dogs, gardening, cooking, travel and reading.

She is also a certified krav maga instructor.

When she is not globe trotting or digging in a dirt, you can find her volunteering teaching krav maga to local kids and women.