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Globe Awards and Trophies

Our creative collection of globe awards and trophies made exclusively of highest quality crystal celebrates individuals of worldly achievements.

crystal Cambridge world award
Cambridge World Plaque
Price: From $138.00 to $173.00
global edge crystal award
Global Edge Award
Price: From $172.00 to $195.00
global imperium crystal award
Global Imperium Award
Price: $285.00
global idea crystal award
Global Idea Award
Price: From $172.00 to $195.00
Global Achievements crystal award Plaque
Magellan Award
Price: $327.00
Global Perception Award plaque
Global Perception Award
Price: $168.00
globe crystal award
Global Empire Award
Price: $155.00
globe crystal award
Prestige Globe Award
Price: $205.00
crystal Oxford award
Oxford Globe Plaque
Price: From $155.00 to $185.00
global spirit crystal award
Global Spirit Award
Price: $175.00
Blue parallel crystal Plaque
Blue Planet Plaque
Price: $167.00
crystal and chrome Goddess of Universe award
Global Vision
Price: From $244.00 to $294.00
global legend crystal award plaque
Global Legend Plaque
Price: $150.00
crystal globe column award
Globe Column Award
Price: From $99.00 to $175.00
world globe award trophy
World Globe Award
Price: From $129.00 to $219.00
globe crystal plaque
Globe Dome Tower
Price: From $125.00 to $159.00
globe crystal plaque
Crystal Globe Tower
Price: From $137.00 to $151.00
crystal globe award
Global Victory Tower
Price: From $190.00 to $215.00
globe crystal plaque
Universe Tower
Price: From $120.00 to $150.00
globe tower crystal award
Best Rectangular Award
Price: $195.00
crystal and chrome Goddess of Universe award
Goddess of Universe
Price: $197.00
globe crystal plaque
Globe Curve Award
Price: From $142.00 to $194.00
globe arch  award
Global Arch Award
Price: $165.00
crystal globe award
Globe Award
Price: $145.00
chrome and crystal world tower award
World Globe Orb
Price: From $215.00 to $235.00
Globe crystal awards and trophies are dedicated to achievements of global impact. Globe awards are also ideal for companies and organizations with global outreach. We created a great verity of styles and designs that will satisfy the most selective customers. For global leadership awards we recommend our crystal Magellan Award, Global Spirit, Pillars of the Universe and Goddess of the Universe. Our Global Imperium crystal award and Prestige Globe award celebrate establishments of international impact. Many of tourism as well as real estate professionals choose our Cambridge World Plaque, Globe Column and Universal Crystal Award. All of our crystal globe awards and trophies can be personalized with logos and text engraving.
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