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Americas promise award presentation ceremony

Former President George Bush Honors Those Helping America's Youth

October 15, 2003

When we were approached to design the awards for America's Promise organization we were thrilled and honored. We immediately assigned our most skilled crystal artists to work on the awards. Their crystal creations demonstrated the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. The awards were presented to deserving and exceptional members of American community who pledge their commitment to America's youth. Former President George Bush presented the awards and congratulated the recipients in the Presidential Library Center. The following article depicts this successful event.

The George Bush Promise of America Awards, presented jointly by the former President and America's Promise and sponsored by Bank of America, recognize people from all walks of life for their commitment to children and youth. Presented in six categories, the awards recognize a community, a state, a business, a civic/service organization, a school/college or university, and a faith-based institution for their work to fulfill the Five Promises to youth.

“Our children are the true promise of America and when this important movement was launched, we challenged the nation to make young people a top priority,” said former President George Bush. “As dedicated Americans continue to answer that call, the passion and vision demonstrated by the leaders we celebrate today must serve as an inspiration to each of us, for they truly are keeping America's Promise.”

The awards were presented by President Bush along with former Pennsylvania Sen. Harris Wofford and Alma Powell, co-chairs of America's Promise. Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman & CEO of Bank of America, and Tim Russert, host of NBC’s Meet The Press and an America's Promise board member, keynoted the event.

By category, the winners are:

1. Kansas City’s Promise, a broad, cross-sector community collaboration serving children and youth in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas;

2. The State of Idaho for its Idaho’s Promise initiative, a public-private coalition coordinated by the Association of Idaho Cities and led by Governor Dirk Kempthorne and Mrs. Patricia Kempthorne;

3. Ford Motor Company Fund for its support of many youth-serving initiatives including a powerful online community-building tool called a Promise Station;

4. The ManaTEEN Club, a program of Volunteer Services of Manatee County, Florida and the largest locally based youth-led volunteer group in the country;

5. Pennsylvania State University, for its efforts in helping young people throughout its campus communities, and;

6. Macedonia Community Baptist Church in Caroline County, Virginia, for its innovative youth-serving programs.

America's Promise

The mission of America's Promise is to mobilize people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of youth by fulfilling the Five Promises declared at the Presidents’ Summit for America's Future: Caring adults – parents, mentors, tutors, and coaches; safe places with structured activities during non-school hours; a healthy start; marketable skills through effective education; and opportunities for all young people to serve. General Colin L. Powell is founding chairman. For more information about America's Promise, the individual award winners and nominees, please visit

© 2003 America's Promise
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