Executive Gifts

Executive gifts are imperative to successful corporate relations and proper motivation of the chief echelon. Executive gifts are associated with prestige and therefore require impeccable quality and style. An executive gift should be unique, exclusive, thoughtful and suitable to display in most outfitted offices and board rooms.

Executive gifts are presented on various occasions and serve multiple functions depending on the intent of the gift. A gift might be presented to commemorate a corporate milestone. Tribute corporate gifts are customarily displayed in public or reception areas and are presented as a plaque, award or trophy. Commemorative executive gifts feature organization or company logos, date of the milestone and personalization message.
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Another use of corporate gifts is to develop or solidify business relationships. Relationship gifts can be presented to various recipients: clients, a department within the same organization, and representatives of different companies. Recipients can be a group of people, or an individual. For example, a new law-firm partner is presented with a set of champagne flutes to toast to the new beginning. A sales executive in a company receives a vase, a paperweight or a candy dish personalized with their logo. A department may be presented with a crystal ice bucket, clock, decanter or a pitcher- something they can use collectively. Logo personalization may not always be suitable for relationship gifts. Top executives in the company prefer their organizational logo on corporate gifts. Middle management prefers gifts personalized with their names and initials but not their corporate logos. It is more appropriate to customize gifts with the recipient's logo or image. Gifts that feature the givers logo are perceived as promotional and insincere. Relationship corporate gifts can be personal and functional. Consider which gifts are appropriate to the occasion and meaningful to convey the message of a successful business relationship.
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Executive gifts are frequently exchanged around Holidays. Holiday gifts are always more personal and functional. They are taken home and enjoyed with the family. A monogrammed decanter set with hardball glasses or a personalized vase make classy and sophisticated executive gifts. Logo personalization is not always appropriate for holiday gifts. However, a recipient will fill special if they receive a monogrammed or personalized gift.
It is customary to send an impressive food basket or flower arrangement. Unfortunately, perishable items such as food and flowers do not provide a long lasting effect on the relationship after they are consumed. Non-perishable executive gifts are a long lasting reminder of your generosity and they constantly evoke positive emotions.
Executive gifts make great mementos for a career anniversary. When an employee or a partner celebrates a 10 year anniversary with a firm, presenting them with a meaningful gift will reinforce their loyalty and commitment to the company. Anniversary gifts are often displayed with pride in publicly visible spots such as bookshelves or a desk. Desktop items are a popular choice for anniversary gifts. Desk clocks, plaques, candy dishes, paperweights, bowls and vases can all be personalized with a corporate logo and a special message to the recipient.
Selecting meaningful corporate gifts requires thought and consideration. A successful corporate gift is unique and memorable. Research recipient personal taste, hobbies, likes and dislikes, before selecting a style and the tone for the gift. An always remember "It is better to give...";

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