Our crystal desktop collection features brilliant accessories of style and beauty.
Choose from engraved bookends, gavel, nameplates, pen holders, business card holders.

crystal nameplate
Star Nameplate Bar
Price: $97.00
crystal pen set
Spinning Pen Holder
Price: $65.00
crystal pen and card holder
Mod Pen & Card Holder
Price: $75.00
crystal nameplate
Magnum Nameplate
Price: $145.00
Crystal Nameplate Bar
Price: From $77.00 to $94.00
Global Card Holder Set
Price: $145.00
Faceted Bookends
Price: $185.00
Modern Card Holder Set
Price: $119.00
Liberty Bookends
Price: $185.00
Crystal Gavel Set
Price: $215.00
Globe Pen Set
Price: $105.00