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Crystal Awards of Recognition and Appreciation

by Paula Gomberg

When we developed our crystal recognition awards line we put great emphasis on a notion of employee appreciation. Recognition is a very important part of employee satisfaction equation, which ultimately leads to employee loyalty. At Crystal Art USA, we realize a great need in meaningful recognition awards that help employers express their gratitude. Our crystal recognition awards line incorporates designs to convey a choice of important messages.

Recognition = Loyalty : is a simple formula to business success. Businesses are so often preoccupied with meeting deadlines, sales projections, cutting budgets, they often overlook one of the most important factors to their success: employee appreciation. Employee loyalty is hard to come by during tough economic times, with record number of layoffs. Even most dedicated and hard working employees are a little cynical about corporate loyalty. It seems that long term employment with the same company is a thing of a past. Many are worried about their future. Employees need to be reassured and reminded of their value to corporate success through recognition awards programs.

Human factors are the key to business success. By recognizing employee achievements and dutifully rewarding them, businesses help reestablish the corporate loyalty, which we nostalgically long for. Recognition is an important factor to employee satisfaction. It is an assurance of company's commitment and gratitude to its employees. A pat in a back is encouraging, but when companies solidify their thanks into a gift of recognition award, they evoke long lasting feelings of encouragement and appreciation. These feelings will be remembered and reinforced for years to come. In addition, recipients proudly display their recognition awards on their desks, thus encouraging others strive for success. As a result, companies subliminally motivate under-performing employees at minimal cost. In order to promote teamwork, the award can be given to a whole team. Department of the month awards are a common strategy for encouraging teamwork and competition.

Crystal Art USA offers a wide verity of recognition awards that express appreciation to deserving individuals. Our crystal recognition awards represent plethora of styles and designs that WOW their recipients.

Our Peak award series represent mountains, and mountains symbolize achieving the highest goals, whether personal or professional. People who raise the bar and push themselves to the best are meant to receive our Peak crystal awards. These soaring mountaintops will be a perfect gesture of recognition.

Our flame awards burn bright with fire, passion for individuals who have extraordinary passion in what they believe in and live for.

elegance flame crystal award

Shining individuals with their achievements and kind acts were kept in mind when designing our star trophies. No words are needed to explain the star series. To accentuate the brilliance of the stars, chrome stars were used in our new pieces. Our Star trophies have been celebrating many shining individuals.

Brilliance star award

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