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Crystal Care: Tips and Tricks

What should you do if ?
Your lead crystal items are tinted with a thin white veil:
Two possible causes :
1. The water is too hard during the rinsing cycle
Solutions :
  • Clean the items with lukewarm vinegar water (white vinegar) or lemon juice
  • Add salt regularly in the dishwasher compartment
  • Add the correct amount of dishwasher detergent, salt and rinsing agent
  • Check the setting of the salt compartment depending on the hardness of the water, which feeds your dishwasher.

    2. Prolonged exposure to the dishwasher, water too soft, level of water hardness to low In that case, your items have been attacked by the washes and this shows with the appearance of a a bluish tint (irisation) followed by a white film (corrosion) . Unfortunately this modification of the surface of the glass is irreversible.
    The solutions :
  • Set the salt distribution in your machine depending on how hard the water is in order to reach a hard water between 5 and 8 PH
  • Check setting of the salt compartment depending on the hardness of the water.
  • If you have a water softener ‘upstream’ from your dishwasher, check its setting.

    - If the value of softened water is between 3 and 8 PH , avoid adding salt and rinsing liquid which would make double use with the 3 in 1 tablets, even if your dishwasher indicates a lack of salt or rinsing agent.
    - If despite the softener, the PH is superior to 8°, you must set your water softener correctly or, use the salt and rinsing liquid to compensate the partial inefficiency of the softening system.

  • Use the correct dosage of detergent
  • Opt for shorter cycles on moderate temperature

    Your lead crystal items show circular scratches
    Possible causes :
  • Mechanical friction due to a contact between the items during the wash
  • Shocks, friction or abrasions
    Solutions :
  • avoid contact between the items when loading them in the basket
  • Do not overload the upper basket

    Your lead crystal items look slightly yellow
    Possible causes :
  • Aluminium saucepans or cutlery, silver cutlery, single piece cutlery are altered by the wash
  • Deterioration of the interior lining in the dishwasher (older dishwasher) Solutions :
  • avoid mixing lead crystal items with metallic objects in the wash

    There are traces of food on your lead crystal items
    Possible causes :
  • Overloaded dishwasher
  • Blocked up sprinkler or blocked up holes
  • Particularly dirty wash
    Solutions :
  • Check that the sprinkler rotates properly
  • Always rid the dishwasher and the filter of rests of food
  • Load the dishwasher correctly
  • Clean the filter regularly

    Storage advice
  • Avoid placing your items on a hard surface such as metal or steel
  • Stand your stemmed glasses or tumblers with a particularly heavy base upright, not upside down.
  • Avoid piling up glasses on top of each other unless they can be stacked.

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