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At Crystal Art USA, we specialize in design, production and engraving of crystal corporate recognition products and gifts. Our crystal awards and crystal trophies serve a verity of recognition functions such as motivational awards, corporate recognition awards, service awards, academic awards, sports trophies, golf trophies, and executive gifts.


All of our crystal awards can be customized and personalized with logo and text engraving. As a commitment to our customers, we offer FREE engraving on all of our crystal awards and trophies. All of our products can securely be ordered on-line. In addition, rush crystal awards are available as well as budget awards and trophies.


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All of our crystal awards and trophies are grouped in the following theme collections: Everest awards, award plaques, globe awards, star awards, eagle awards, flame awards, crystal obelisks, mountain awards, sculptural awards, sports trophies, crystal paperweights, donor plaques, desktop gifts, crystal clocks, crystal vases and bowls. Our on-line catalog is dynamic. Our crystal designers are constantly creating new crystal awards and trophy styles as well as custom designs. Please visit us often to view our new unique design creations.


We take great pride in the impeccable quality of our crystal trophies and awards, commitment to customer service and superb craftsmanship of our crystal engravers. Our team is committed to complete customer satisfaction. To better serve our customers we created an extensive informative section with many useful resources about common applications of crystal awards and crystal trophies. Top American companies and organizations have entrusted us with their award projects. We invite you to browse our on-line corporate crystal awards catalog and hope you will become one of our many satisfied customers.


Everest Crystal


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Engraving Advice

Make our crystal awards and trophies extra special by creating a meaningful personalization message that will really move and impress the recipients. If you are looking for creative ideas on how to personalize an award or a trophy please consult the following reference composed by our most experienced staff.


Please remember that personalization layout may vary on the nature of award and branding guidelines of your organization.  Your logo must be placed on the award according to those guidelines.


Award personalization text usually contains a combination of the following elements:

logo, recipient's name, award name, congratulatory message, year.  Some customers

choose to include a meaningful quote if an etch space allows it.

Award personalization message should be short and sweet, in this case - less is more.


When choosing an engraving font make sure it compliments your logo font and does not

clash with it.   We can engrave multiple fonts on each award.




Powerful Marketing Tools

a business woman holding awards



Crystal awards and trophies are powerful tools in any marketing strategy as they have a lasting impact on the consumer. They create an emotional connection with the brand or product, which can be translated into sales.


Crystal awards and trophies are visible reminders of achievement that inspire consumers to reach their goals. They can also provide motivation for consumers to stay engaged with the brand or product over time. Crystal awards and trophies create a sense of prestige, which can be used to build loyalty among customers. Additionally, these awards can be used as incentives for customers who have achieved particular milestones or goals related to a brand or product.


Crystal awards and trophies also help strengthen relationships between a company and its customers by providing recognition for customer loyalty and engagement. This recognition encourages customers to continue engaging with the brand or product because they feel appreciated for their loyalty and effort. Furthermore, these awards give customers a tangible reminder of their accomplishments, which reinforces the connection they have with the brand or product they are interacting with.




Crystal Golf Trophies

Celebration of sportsmanship, our crystal golf trophies were created to congratulate individuals who enjoy golfing and play excellent games.

These awards truly represent the prestige of the sport.

Choose from a variety of tournament trophies, golf ball paperweights, championship trophies as well as Hole-In-One golf trophies and Eagle awards.

Commemorate your golf achievement with our special crystal tokens.



Famous Awards and Trophies

a business man holding a crystal award

The Academy Award nicknamed as Oscar is the most sought after award in Hollywood.

The sword wielding statuette is made of bronze and then gold plated, black metal base of the award is left for inscription. Sculpted after a Mexican actor Il Indio, the original mold was cast in Illinois, by the same foundry who cast Lombardi and Emmy awards.


Walt Disney won 26 Oscars as an individual while Titanic,  Ben-Hur and Lord of the Rings hold the record of 11 awards each as  motion picture winners. The youngest award winner is Anna Paquin who at tender age 11 received Best Supporting Actress accolade for her role in The Piano.


Since 1950 Oscar winners or their heirs can not legally sell their awards prior to offering them back to the Academy for a symbolic price of $1. If winners refuse to sign the agreement the academy keeps the award and the winner holds a title. Oscars award prior to 1950 are not bound by this agreement and have been auctioned for six figure sums.